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If you're wondering where you can snag a copy of one or all of my books, check to order either an e-book or a print version. You can also order a signed copy directly from me. If you do buy a print copy through Amazon, you can still send it to me for my signature. Since my website is still a work in progress--and you may not yet be able to order a print copy and pay via my website with all its bells and whistles--send your request to me at and I'll get a signed copy to you with my deepest thanks for your support. 

First, my third, and latest, book: The Mystery of Black Sam's Treasure is now on! You can order an e-book for $3.99 and a print book for $9.99. If you order from me via my email on this Contact page of this website, I will send you a signed copy. As they say, the book process has been a labor of love. But it's also been a long, and sometimes painful, delivery. It also begs another cliche: a dream come true. I have wanted to be an "author" since third grade. I first realized I could write when I won a short-story contest in that class for Valentine's day. I also nurtured a teaching career which has given me a whole lot of wonderful memories. But it may be time for me to give more time to writing books for 10-12-year-olds and speaking to youth groups at schools, libraries, homes, wherever I can.