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If you're wondering where you can snag a copy of my books, check to order either an e-book or a print version copy of The Mystery of Black Sam's Treasure  and The RIP Trip. You can also order a signed copy directly from me by using the Contact page of this website and adding $5 for postage for one book and $7.50 for two. If you do buy a print copy through Amazon, you can still send it to me with $5 for return postage, and I'll get a signed copy to you with my deepest thanks for your support. 

For me, writing my books is a labor of love as the cliche goes. It also begs another cliche: a dream come true. My writing began in third grade when I won a short-story contest in that class for Valentine's day. I also nurtured a teaching career which gave me a whole lot of wonderful memories as well and, really, put me on track for writing for that age group. It may now be time for me to give more time to writing books for 10-12-year-olds and speaking to youth groups at schools, libraries, homes, wherever I can.