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NEW!!! The Mystery of Black Sam's Treasure (Third Book)) Cover Image

NEW!!! The Mystery of Black Sam's Treasure (Third Book))

James Eads

March 2021 978-0-9903858-1-3


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Angus has no desire to visit his twin cousins, Hallie and Bell, on Cape Cod for the entire summer. That’s before they invite him along to search for pirate treasure hidden in 1717 by Captain “Black” Sam Bellamy, the richest pirate of the Golden Age of Piracy. To find Sam’s plunder, they must use the clues on the seven gold coins in the leather pouch that their deceased father left in his filing cabinet. They begin with the clue written in ink they discover on the inside of the pouch. Then they must follow seven other clues, one on each gold coin, to uncover Black Sam’s booty. But they must use them in the right order. That means thinking like the pirate who knew the area. It also means securing the treasure from a salty, old sailor named Tarts who has had a lifelong interest in finding the gold and silver and will take serious precautions to keep it all for himself. 


Just as he spoke, the rock formation began to take on a new look. As the sun set during low tide, shadows began to change the rock formation’s appearance to looked like a skull. Craggy and irregular but, still, recognizable as a skull with two inset, unlevel, and irregularly-shaped eyes of different sizes. The ocean had ebbed enough to reveal what could be taken for the skull’s cracked teeth below a nose formed by another indentation. “And now,” Bell said and pointed as the water reached its lowest level. “Crossbones are appearing like an X over the skull.”


I would give your book a 10/10 because I was always excited to read the next set of chapters and I really enjoyed the characters’ unique personalities. I also appreciated your sense of humor!! It got me laughing every time! You’re a talented author!

               --A. B., Middle-Grade Student