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The RIP Trip (Second Book) Cover Image

The RIP Trip (Second Book)

James C. Eads

April 2014 978-0-9903858-0-6

Sammy and his seventh-grade friends, Ollie and Burgy, have little to do in their small Nebraska down. That is...until they meet Professor Sebastian Zitrongesicht known as "Doc." The professor has just developed a cutting edge virtual reality program called RIP (Reality in Past). Unlike traditional virtual reality programs where a person puts on goggles and sees and even opens drawers, RIP actually takes them back to a specific time and place where they become part of the virtual world. So begins an adventure that traps Burgy in the past and leads Sammy, Ollie, and Sammy's golden retriever to risk their lives trying to rescue him!

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Mr. Eads has lived for more than 45 years in Clay Center, Nebraska, with his wife, Chris, where he writes books that keep young people fascinated...and scared. Adding a light coating of science fiction to his spellbinding stories, he unravels dangerous plots in which his characters often find themselves trapped. Even as readers open this book, Mr. Eads is working on another chilling adventure that begs to be told.